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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Blob?
    Blob is short for Binary Large Object. Blobs are stored as binary data directly within a database server as opposed to a file within a file system. This provides you with the best possible read, write, and availability performance.

  2. Does HighContext replace my traditional relational database?
    No. HighContext provides key-value storage with a focus on ease of use and delivering high-performance at scale.

  3. Can I configure the data residency of my blobs?
    Yes, each blob is primarily stored in the region of your choice.

  4. Can I store any type of blob format with HighContext?
    No. HighContext supports only JSON-formatted blobs.

  5. What's the maximum blob size I can upload?
    We restrict our services to blobs with a size of <= 100 MB. Need something different? Contact us to tell us more about your use case.

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