Blob Storage


Lightweight, scalable, and easy-to-use API for hosting for your JSON blobs — so that you can get back to building your apps.

Let's say it out loud: a JSON file is a database. And that means just like any other database, scaling and maintaince are fraught with challenges.

When you select HighContext for your JSON storage needs, you get easy-to-use tools backed by world-class infrastructure that scales with your usage. Fast, in-memory access when you're reading your JSON blobs, and then inexpensive long-term storage when you're not.

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Pay-per-view Blobs

Bitcoin Lightning Microtransactions

Lightweight, scalable, and easy-to-use API for monetizing your JSON blobs — so that you access digital-native economies.

It's no secret that the current wave of AI products are generating more JSON-formatted data than ever before. However, in order to monetize your data, each sale you make comes with significant transaction fees.

We believe your data should be easily and inexpensively transactable. Meaning no explicit human input or traditional credit cards and banks required.

Our Pay-per-view Blob product lets data owners charge and earn income from their data — particularly from autonomous AI agents. Take your proprietary data and sell it in microtransactions using the digital-native Bitcoin Lightning Network. There's no payment processor required.

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