Serverless JSON Blob Storage

Lightweight, scalable, and easy-to-use API for hosting for your JSON blobs — so that you can get back to building your apps.

Example JSON Blob

  "messages": [
      "role": "system",
      "content": "You are an enthusiastic assistant that tells me the weather forecast."
      "role": "user",
      "content": "Tell me the weather in Seattle."
      "role": "assistant",
      "content": "Brrr, dare we say it's chilly out there this morning?! High temperature in Seattle today 42°."
Our fast, cost-efficient JSON hosting service scales dynamically to ensure you're ready for peak demand, and our high-touch service will remind you that we're behind you every step of the way. If you'd like to know more about HighContext, why don't you get in touch?


Developers need to configure, deploy, maintain, and monitor a database to reliably store blobs of arbitrary JSON-formatted data.


When you provision a database server, you are necessarily over-paying for unused compute or storage capacity, or both.

Time Consuming

Database configuration and maintenance consumes valuable time that could be spent working on your applications.

Difficult to Use

Most databases are optimized for TCP connections—making it challenging for you to save data directly from HTTP APIs.


We process JSON-formatted blobs sent to our HTTP API, then we save each blob in-memory so that you can quickly access it.

No Installation

Click-to-create an account and you'll immediately be able to access serverless JSON blob storage. Batteries included.

No Configuration

Upload your JSON blobs to HighContext via our API or UI, and you'll immediately receive an endpoint to access your blobs.

No Headache

Stop sweating database details. Seriously. Make your JSON blobs quickly-accessible in the cloud — so you can get back to work.

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In-Memory Storage for Faster Access

Every blob uploaded is stored in-memory to provide fast access — and then blobs that are not read frequently are eventually automatically moved to disk for low-cost, long-term storage. When you make a new read request to a blob in disk, it is reloaded back to memory, providing you the fastest possible access again.

Learn more about dynamic in-memory storage

Cloudflare, 37signals, Baidu among others

The most loved developer brands use dynamic in-memory storage, why aren't you? Odds are that you encounter dynamic in-memory stores more often than you realize. From global CDNs to business productiviy software to observability tools and more. Dynamic in-memory storage delivers optimal results. And now you can deliver a speed boost for your JSON blobs too.

The leading travel site Concorde turned to HighContext for a simple yet powerful tool to optimize their website's JSON-data load performance. They were glad they did—they experienced a 30%+ page speed increase immediately after release.

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Worldwide low latency access

Choose from one of four host regions for your JSON blobs.

  1. US East 1 (Ashburn)
  2. Asia Pacific Southeast 1 (Sydney)
  3. Europe Central 1 (Frankfurt)
  4. South America East 1 (Sao Paulo)

We recommend choosing the region for your blob that is closest to the majority of your users. Need a region that's not listed? Contact us to discuss more.

Start free, then pay as you go

Our billing is usage-based, ensuring you never over-provision cloud resources and only pay for what you use. That means you start for free and only pay as your usage grows. Price scales to zero with no usage.

Build faster from any service

Our HTTP/REST-based API provides interoperability between your JSON blobs and almost any service connected to the World Wide Web. Every blob includes a public or password-protected URL endpoint that you can use to create, read, update, or destroy JSON data.

Separation of concerns

Develop your apps with peace of mind by saving your JSON blobs outside your primary customer data stores. Eliminate the need to run disruptive and costly database migrations against your production database in order to simply store new data.

Scale, without the tradeoffs

High performance at scale - including during your highest load spikes - plus a superior developer experinece. That means simplicity, ease of maintenance, and a reduced cognitive load. That way you can get back to building.

Have a question? Contact us and we'll be eager to help.

We provide 1:1 technical consultations over email and Zoom. No extra charge.